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In today's technological world, children are exposed to so much 'second hand' experiences such as television, Ipads, video and computer games. Technology is of course an important feature of our world today but too much exposure to technology can lead to children lose their natural impulse to be imaginative and to create their own play and learning. Imaginative play helps children to develop confidence in their own abilities and their potential....  it is empowering for a child to imagine him or herself as a pilot or a superhero defending the planet or as a doctor helping a patient. Research has also shown that children who regularly engage in imaginative play also develop strong cognitive and problem solving skills. 

Our company has a small team of experienced early years teachers who through years of working with young children, understand the benefits that rich imaginative play experiences can have on children's holistic development and learning. 

Imaginative Play Store specialises in providing parents and early years settings with quality resources which inspire children's imagination and supports their play and learning to flourish. 

We hope you enjoy browsing through the store........ take a look and help young children to imagine, make and create!


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